Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 2

Mom’s Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) seems to have a reasonably efficient and up-to-date feed on their social media platforms. Aside from the organizations web page, they are linked to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to connect various community members.  Their Facebook provides dates of sponsored events throughout various major cities. This network allows members from out of state locations to travel or attend nearest MADD event. Having nearly 76,000 likes, and 1,100 people talking about surrounding issues, I feel that MADD has gained ground in the Facebook medium. We are able to see the number of people who are going to attend the sponsored events, to many; this is their “Diner sit-in”.  MADD’s organization also has a LinkedIn and Twitter feed both in which provide followers related news events as well as updates on legislature bills being passed to enforce drunk driving prevention.  LinkedIn, as well as Twitter and Facebook provide connections to committee members and various other government members to contact and address when resolving or discussing an issue. After further exploration, it can be noted that Leo Mirani’s belief that revolutions will be tweeted is reinforced by and through the efficiency MADD has used media platforms to connect followers.  Space is provided for continuous discussions, and having them archived in digital spaces allows for information or past topics to reemerge and provide new followers to inform themselves on issues being discussed. In addition members are provided with the organizations event calendars allowing followers to plan their schedule in order to attend particular events and not feel left in the dark.
                Similar organizations that have the same social media qualities as MADD were Above The Influence, a campaign against drug use, and truth, an anti-tobacco organization.

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  1. It's clear you've done a good job exploring MADD and seeing the ways they employ social media. I wish you had done a bit more w/ Meroni's claims (and possibly Gladwell) just to illustrate that you get the reading. Decent post.