Thursday, April 19, 2012

Unit 3 Wrap-up

Understanding and following how corporations and industries (big and small) utilize social mediums effectively in marketing their products has altered my approach on/in using these mediums to their full, and sometimes, unexpected potential. Not only does understanding how a company uses medium outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to promote business and keep and expand client basis is crucial in applying to our own careers as digital pioneers. Leah Betancourt’s article on how these companies use social media data was a mixture of recycled know-its and eye-opening discoveries. Information towards successful use of social media in business includes learning more about customer base and tailoring to enhance their experiences. Having to follow organizations helped to apply Dave Tolivers 7 ways in enhancing customer experience. This information has helped to improve approaches in visual and contextual content layout for remodeling personal websites or media sites for future/potential employers/clients. Though I am still riding the fence on Tweeting, I found Lauren Fischer’s page of successful campaigns using Twitter to brainstorm second thoughts on the hidden and untapped potential Twitter may have. Currently I am still not sold on tweeting. 
With our current age of digital users converging materials, ideas, thoughts, songs, you name it, defining and applying copyright laws has fell into the gray area. Music is usually the first medium many think of when the issue of copyright arises because so many of the digital users are familiar with sharing or pirating songs/albums of various artists without having to pay monies. I feel that Paul Miller’s excerpts to be an interesting approach to the issues of sampling or copyright infringements. As artist, specifically digital artist, it becomes crucial in understanding how far or much we can use as inspiration in order to create our own original ideas, and whether or not we should be restricted completely from integrating others works in the process.  . . .TBC

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